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1st Ny Mounted Rifles Scenario Page

Getty1st NY

In this version, I have attempted to make this battle more historical. I have put in as much time as I can allow myself todo. So, it is not completely accurate, but it is closer than what the game gives. I have adjusted some infantry numbers. Such as, Gilsa'a brigade only had 1300 men not the 2000 that is in the historical version. I have also lowered the quality of Barlow's division. I believe Barlow was a very good officer, but his men broke before Jackson at Chancellorsville, they broke before Gordons brigade on 1st day of Getty, and they broke before Hay's bridade on day 2 of Getty. I left the remainder of the 11th corp with there original settings. I have increased Ramseur's brigade, because I believe that brigade was a very good brigade, and original historical version has them rated too low. I have adjusted other brigades on both armies. I have adjusted the artillery more than anything else. Example, Wainright's Battery in the historical version he  is given 20# James when he actually had 10 Napoleons and 10   3" rifled cannons.  The Rebs had 2  Whitworths not multiple batteries.  

Wilderness 1st NY

The AOP started its spring offensive the previous day.  It intends to easily make it out of the wilderness early on the 5th. General Lee has unexpectedly brought his ANV into the wilderness to confront Grant. He is hoping for a decisive victory. He intends to hold the AOP in check with Ewell's Corp and two divisions of Hill's Corp, untill Longstreet and the rest of his army can come up.  I got much of the early maneuvering away by starting at noon on the 5th. Warren has been  ordered to make an assault against the  confederates on the Orange Turnpike. He reluctanty does.