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Scenarios by Iron Brigade

 Challange -How many times have you sat trying to think of a fair battle to play? Are you sick of starting out way behind or way ahead?Have you ever ended a game the loser with that bitter feeling that you were the better player and you just got stuck with the wrong side? This, the Challange Scenario is designed to be equal with the only advantage being that of the first move.The "ground" is symetrical and the forces are even. While the first turn belongs to the south it is the north that moves first.This is because the Rebs come in at the end of their turn and gain a immediate rest so as to have some compensation for the Yanks having the first move initiative.

Battle of Georgia -Dedicated to all my Georgia buddies on Won.This Battle uses the large Atlanta map and the units from Chickamaugua.Additions are a few roads and the first division of the union 15th corp.

Battle of Virginia -This battle uses DTG's 3 day Chancellorsville map and the units from Fredricksburg minus the unions large 6th corp.

Callange 2-In this, Challenge II great pains were taken to make the battle as even as possible.The Rebs move first so some fudging of starting position was done to ensure that the Yanks can get to one of the central flags first.Enjoy!

MiniChallange -Like the other Challenges this is an examination of the concept of equality in Civil War Generals 2.

Stoneriver -This Stone's River Alt was the idea of AZ+ and it is dedicated to him.My goal is to make the battle more playable by beefing up the reb forces.This I did by adding elements from 3 divisions of Pembertons Army of Vicksburg.

Valley Challange -Valley Challenge is a very dangerous scenario for the unwary.While there are plenty of fords it is also very easy to get units trapped against the rivers. The Rebs again get the first move but the Yanks get their 2nd and 3rd Corps one turn earlier then the Rebs get theirs.