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Mac Master Scenario Page

Picketts Charge

This scenario is fairley close to the famous Pickett's Charge battle. I included as many of the actual fighting units that were there as i could find. I also tried to place the units in the area's where they had actually fought.This a a bloody frontal assault battle and so was Picketts charge. All of these units were in Gettysburg but some may not of been at the Pickett's Charge battle. Also the didn't start as earley as this scenario. So i have placed this scenario in alt battles. I hope you anjoy this semi- historical battle. It gives boths sides an idea of what Pickett's charge was like. Designer **General McMaster**

Mac Attack

This scenario was designed to be a fair fight. The navel aspect adds a different tone to this scenario. There are 2 flags on the map that may only be reached by utilizing your navy.There is also 1 flag in the noth - middle. The bridges have also been took out so the engineers will play a key role in this battle. I have also added some won players under WON corps. The rest of the corps and their commands are pretty accurate.This is my 2nd battle and have much to learn .Hope you enjoy it.